In the summer of 2018, a group of outraged grandparents from Beacon,

New York took a road trip to McAllen, Texas to protest the policy of

separating migrant families at the US-Mexico border.

From Beacon to the Border” documents the Grannies’ journey from New

York to Texas and the growth of the Grannies Respond Movement from its

origin in 2018 into a nationwide network of hundreds of volunteers today

who assist immigrants and refugees at bus stations across the country as

they make their way to host families who house them as they await their

court dates. It’s an inspiring story of a group of concerned citizens who

have profoundly impacted many lives!

Filmmaker, activist, and now a Grannies Respond board member, Andrea

Garbarini, followed our trip to the border in July 2018 with cameras and

interns and documented our group’s journey, interactions with other

groups, how we were greeted, and our arrival and activities at the border

and after. Garbarini captures the uniqueness of this movement and it’s

depth of emotion, strength, and courage, and shines a light and lens on

the cause of our origin.

Watch From Beacon to the Border Here

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“As someone who teaches migration at the college level, I rely on activists like

Grannies Respond to transmit vital knowledge that is bigger than my

classroom walls. From Beacon to the Border connected deeply with my

students. The injustice of family separation raises fundamental questions

about our democracy, and the grannies inspired my students to courageously respond."

— Dr. Brittany Murray, Vassar College