You may have asked yourself what you will do when the time comes. What are you willing to sacrifice now that the most vulnerable people in our society are threatened by senseless violence and hate? 

That time has come.

Children are being torn from their families and put in cages. Babies torn from the breast. Siblings are separated because they are comforting each other. They are quietly bused thousands of miles from their mothers and fathers. Many will never be reunited. Some are beaten, drugged, and sexually abused. 

Nobody deserves to be treated this way. Nobody. Especially folks who have already traveled hundreds or thousands of miles to the USA for safety and freedom.

In this summer of sustained action for human life and dignity, we invite you to join us on our incredible journey.

Check out our new Guide to Starting Your Own Caravan! It all starts with one car - yours! Read the guide, plan your route, and see what happens!

Find Your Caravan

Use this map like a subway map. Find the line that passes through your location and then sign up for that line below. 



The original caravan begins in New York City and then makes the following stops. Click the button below to join the caravan at any stop. Please note: Due to the overwhelming response, we are no longer able to provide accommodations or vehicles. If you have a vehicle, it will be a great help to the movement!

You have questions. We have answers. Read the FAQ for the NY-to-Texas Caravan.

After each event, we roll out the next morning from a staging area. Click here for a list of our staging areas. 


This private caravan is not accepting new riders. If you would like to travel from Atlanta, please email us at


The Austin caravans leave from two different locations - Austin and San Marcos - and will join many other caravans in Houston. 


The Dallas caravan leaves on August 5th and links up to the Portland caravan in San Antonio.


The Portland caravan is a 6-day caravan with several waypoints through the west:

  • Tuesday, July 31: Portland, OR
  • Wednesday, Aug 1: Boise, ID
  • Thursday, Aug 2: Provo, UT
  • Friday, Aug 3: Farmington, NM
  • Saturday, Aug 4: Lubbock, TX
  • Sunday, Aug 5: San Antonio, TX


The Madison caravan leaves on July 31 from Madison, Wisconsin, and links up with the original caravan in Louisville, Kentucky, continuing on to McAllen, Texas.

  • Tuesday, July 31: Madison, Wisconsin
  • Wednesday, Aug 1: Peoria, Illinios
  • Thursday, Aug 2: links up with Original Caravan in Louisville, KY 


The Tallahassee caravan leaves on Aug 3 and links up right up with the original caravan in Montgomery, Alabama, and continues on to McAllen, Texas.


Various other caravans are in different stages of planning. Click on the location nearest you to get involved!


Can't find a caravan in your area? All you need is a car and determination to start your own!