The ‘Grannies Respond’ Caravan Standing Up for Kids


“When the news started breaking about children being separated from their families [at the Mexico/U.S. border], the image I couldn’t get out of my head was my three-year-old son in a cage, picturing how he’d be reacting, what he’d be doing, and wondering who would be making sure he got to the potty on time,” says Dan Aymar-Blair, 43. “I just couldn’t fathom it. I had to take action.”

So Aymar-Blair, executive director and co-founder of The Article 20 Network (which promotes nonviolent public demonstrations) wrote a Facebook post “saying that we need to get a bus and fill it with grannies and head down to the border. It was just a lark really, throwing a comment out. But then all these older women in my newsfeed started saying ‘I’ll do it!’ We had an exploratory call a couple days later, and 40 people joined.”

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