Grannies Respond started off as a small group of people in Beacon, NY, who wanted to "go down to the border and just do something" after all the terrible news of children being torn from their families and thrown in cages.

A lot has changed since then... and a lot hasn't.

While the flurry of policy changes and court rulings can make your head spin, one thing hasn't changed: refugees entering the United States for protection are being treated inhumanely.

In August 2018, we were more than a bus of grannies. We became a national movement. Grannies and their friends traveled from every corner of the US (and Mexico!) to meet us in McAllen, Texas, on August 6th for 24 hours of action. 

And that is just the beginning…


To join our growing nationwide coalition, contact us at

National Partners

We are grateful to our nationwide partners without whom this national movement would not be possible.

The Original Grannies and Grampies of the NY caravan, along with the media who traveled with us